Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be recognized for interdisciplinary education and research programs in science and to be a leader in the international academic community. We will be an international leader in marine science education and research. Our responsibility and privilege are to provide student-focused, transformative, authentic science experiences, drawing from the unique natural and cultural environment of Cyprus. Our graduates will be broadly equipped to become innovative members of the global workforce, successful life-long learners, and engaged stewards of the marine environment. Faculty, staff, and students will collaborate and draw upon each other’s strengths and diversity to achieve our shared vision of student success.


  • To provide excellence in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary science education for our students,
  • To apply the power of inquiry and discovery to fundamental problems of scientific importance,
  • To find solutions to societal challenges in a culture of research, partnership, and scholarship, and
  • To develop internationally recognized research and instructional programs to meet the needs of the region, the nation, and the global community.

The marine science program at University of Kyrenia, Faculty of Marine Science inspires and enlightens all learners about the ocean through interactive hands-on learning, research involvement, and community outreach centered on the natural and cultural environment of Cyprus Island. This is supported by a broad background in the marine sciences, including fundamental knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and mathematics.