Fisheries Technology Engineering

Aims and Objectives
The Department of Fisheries Technology Engineering is a marine engineering program specifically concerned with fisheries and fisheries technologies. The courses of this department are taught in English.

The Department of Fisheries Technology Engineering, carrying out multi-disciplinary programs, aims to find solutions to the universal fisheries problems and raise awareness to various aspects of this sector both in theoretical and practical terms. The courses of this department mainly focus on the management of sustainable fisheries in terms of the marine engineering, and ecological and biological dimensions of the issue.

Another major aim of this program is educating qualified subject specialists for the fishery sector of which importance is rapidly increasing amongst the other economic sectors. Students of this department are equipped with all necessary knowledge, skills and insight regarding the fishery technologies so that they can both work and contribute to the developments in this sector. The present economic conditions of the world apparently indicate that the fisheries sector and fishery-related technologies, as they are of vital importance for life cycle of our planet, must be protected and developed with great care.

Job Opportunities
The graduates of this department can easily find job opportunities both in their country and in overseas countries as this sector now has a wide business field around the world. The companies running their business on fishery are always in demand of qualified staff. Besides, graduates of this department always have the chances to establish their own business as there is a rapidly growing demand in this sector.

Departmental Opportunities
A comprehensive program, focusing on training qualified staff to carry out administrative, technical support and market needs of business sectors dealing with fishery at all levels, is carried out by the Department. The students are provided with every aspect of theoretical and practical issues of this field and equipped with all necessary skills and knowledge on fishery technologies, and are required to develop a deep insight and understanding in this sector as it has an important role through the life cycle of the planet both in natural, nutritive and health terms.