Marine Biology, Ecology and Oceanography

Aims and Objectives
This programme aims to study Marine Biodiversity starting from the microscopic level (Phytoplankton, Zooplankton) connected to the macroscopic level by the food chain (nutrient dynamics), which includes fish and other marine organisms. It is a branch of science that examines ecological balance and its changes from an Oceanographic point of view (biological, physical, chemical). The course will be taught in English by experts of interdisciplinary programmes.

Job Possibilities
Modelling of the future marine ecosystem situation and water quality, with both human-induced overfishing and water quality degradation (including global warming) scenarios will be presented so that the graduates can make use of this knowledge for the preservation of Marine biodiversity, ecology and water quality in education/research or private/public sectors.

Job Opportunities
Graduates of this quite up-to-date programme can be further specialized in marine biology, ecology or oceanography, by developing ecological dynamic models in graduate education (MSc, PhD and research) or guide research work as experts in laboratory for water quality and its management in enterprises.